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Come join SOLAROS at The Counter Restaurant in Roswell Georgia for our Club's Monthly Meeting on the Third Wednesday of Every Month. 

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Welcome to The Southern Land Rover Society


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Thanks for visiting our website. We tout ourselves as an off-road club that has a special interest in the Land Rover marque. Most of the members own or have owned a Land Rover or two and just enjoy the opportunity to meet with other folks of  like interests. We have a variety of Land Rovers in the club. This includes Series, Lightweights, Defenders, Discos, Range Rovers, Forward Controls, and I am sure there is at least a couple of models I have failed to remember.


Within our society we have every type of Rover vehicle represented from the Forward Control, to the ubiquitous Series truck, to the latest supercharged Range Rover. Most of the members at present own either older Range Rovers often referred to as Classic Range Rovers or Discovery Is and IIs. The main reason for these vehicles being most popular is cost, both acquisition and repair. Why take a $75,000. to $100,000.00 vehicle on a trail that might result in body damage or striping from low-hanging branches, when one can purchase an older vehicle for a couple thousand dollars, put a couple dollars into it to make it more trail capable and drive it until the wheels fall off?

I guess it depends on the individual, but we are all for people with a keen interest in the outdoors to join us and experience the Rover Experience. Heck we even have a couple of members who own and participate in Jeeps and Toyotas. I guess what I am trying to say in my ramblings about SOLAROS is that we do not discriminate on the basis of vehicle brand. After all we are all in the same family and that being the case, need to unite to regain our off-roading venues like Tellico, Rich Mountain, and Caney Fork to name a few. 

So what do we typically do at a club event? It depends on the person and the event, but generally we camp, reconnoiter, drive the USFS services roads, traverse various ORV venues and raise money for local worthy charities like Habitat for Humanity. We also seek to preserve the wilderness areas we visit by reclaiming trash, following the Thread Lightly tenets and supporting the local communities that permit us to patronize their retail establishments. It is true espirt de corps. Visit us at our meetings held 7:00pm, the 3rd Wednesday of every month at The Counter, 850 Mansell Road Roswell, GA 30076. We look forward to meeting you...

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